Cindy Sordo
29, North Hollywood
Has to have popcorn with jalapenos at the movies. Best snack ever!


This past holiday you participated in our wreath workshop at Wine Stop (and brought your boyfriend Joey to it - his wreath was amazing!) Did you feel like it came natural for you? I’m sure the wine helped! 

It was definitely a challenge for me. I'm not an arts and crafts person and I’m too much of a perfectionist, so I usually give up on projects. This was the first time I actually completed something and felt good about it! I was quite proud of my work for an amateur. And the wine definitely helped! 


You’re a huge fan of Harry Potter – If LENITA existed in that world, what would be her magic? Or what class would she be in?

Ooo, I think it's obvious LENITA would be the kickass and artsy Herbology Professor with sass. She would have the ability to talk to plants and bring life back to dying or dead flora.


Is everything really bigger in Texas? Is LENITA too small for it?  

Definitely! That's just the way they like it out there. I think Texas would be so ecstatic and welcoming to LENITA, especially in cute and eclectic cities and towns like Austin! I can see LENITA fitting right in and creating some BIG arrangements out there.


a thought FOR LENITA

It has been an honor to witness and be a part of a dear friend’s expression of talent and creativity. Nemuel is the only person I know who can take a blade of grass and pair it with a wilted flower and make me feel emotional just looking at it. I am so proud of him and cannot wait to see what LENITA and his future endeavors bring!  

Cindy is not only a friend but also a frequent customer of the truck. She’s attended several pop-ups and events with LENITA and aided in providing several bathroom breaks with her visits (without a choice). Her support and positive energy is a warm reminder to keep pushing forward.

 You may follow Cindy at @cinsord


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