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HABIBI  joins PULO Project during The 9th Annual LA Design Festival with the purpose to merge art, design and flores in the spirit of the Philippines.


Jasko Begovic uses Art as expression, as a means to capture the ineffable, to explain, to understand, to accept, and to overcome. A child of War, he is an artist whose life has been marked by boundaries, and yet his art is defined by the lack of them. Born in Bosnia, or former Yugoslavia, in 1980, his childhood was divided when the war began in 1992. After a civilian exchange he escaped with his family to Croatia as a Refugee to Germany, before immigrating to the United States.

Jasko produces original, provocative paintings, illustration and tapestry collages. Similar to his lifestyle growing up as a refugee, his art finds a natural home as it blends into its surroundings; whether in India, Brazil or Africa. His art breathes into his memories, builds in the present and drives the future- it has no rules, no exceptions and no limits.

PULO Project

pulo is a series of installations and experiences dedicated to the art and culture of the Philippines. Through contemporary fashion, design and multi-sensory events, PULO project brings life to the Bayanihan Spirit* to recognize and celebrate the Filipino arts.

LA design festival

The LA Design Festival honors our city’s rich design culture and celebrates our status as a global design capital. Our definition of design is purposely broad to ensure that our festival is reflective of LA’s diversity and talent.  The Festival is the only citywide festival of its kind, featuring events throughout LA.

From architecture and interiors to graphic, industrial, fashion, set, costume, and experiential design, the LA Design Festival showcases the best of the local design scene as well as some exciting national and international voices.

The 9th Annual LA Design Festival
JUNE 20-23 2019

777 Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90021

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HABIBI at @skohabibi and VISIT LENITA during la design festival to view some of his work.